IS is a brainchild of America: too innocent not to know?

My thesis on IS is that all the countries that have fully endorsed the US lead campaign against IS are obviously fully aware that Islamic state is a brainchild of the USA. Someone with very basic understanding on the international relations would know that Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have been financing and training the so called terrorists of the Islamic state are close allies of the US. Israel, another best friend of the US on the other hand is harbouring the Islamic state. NATO together with Turkey who have been recruiting and dispatching jihadist fighters to Syria since 2011 are integrated with west supported military advisers in Iraq.

Having planned all of this, US also brings UN Security Council Resolutions calling upon member states to suppress the recruiting, organising, transporting, equipping and financing of foreign terrorist fighters. Ironically, these are not “opposition freedom fighters” they are the people recruited and trained by themselves.

What is US trying to achieve out of this? Having experienced the decline of the US hegemonic power in the aftermath of the Cold War in 1990, Is US still trying to create its ‘other’ to regain its power?

Australia is one of the many states who is supporting the US in the so called fight against IS. Prime Minister Abbott yesterday (3rd October 2014) rationalised why Australia is joining the mission against the “murderous range of ISIL death cult” as he explained and why it has sent 6 war planes and 600 military personnel to the Middle East. Are we really ignorant and stupid to support the US in this? or are the leaders of these western countries so corrupt that US has successfully silent them?

The US lead political missions will reassure its political power, but will leave the world with hundreds and thousands of more victims that we cannot afford anymore. Australia is already feeling the pain of having to accept refugees and asylum seekers. The country will feel it more when we have to contribute economically to a warfare that brings us no victory, but more and more problems.

The world cannot be ignorant anymore. It is time to open your eyes! SAY NO TO WAR! THE WORLD CANT AFFORD MORE VICTIMS OF WAR!

Viva la peace.

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